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How It Works…

It all starts with a conversation…

Our design consultation partnership starts with a conversation (preferably in your home), a chance for me to hear about your design style, your likes and dislikes, your lifestyle, and the time frame for your design project.

This is your chance to show me all those Pinterest photos of your dream home!

At the end of this “getting to know you” session we will decide the best and most efficient way to proceed with the design process.

What’s Next?

Just a few examples of the many ways working with a design consultant can save you time, money, and frustration…

  • In love with your existing furniture and finishes but you need to tie everything together or update your current color scheme? Do you have cherished family pieces you would like to incorporate into a more contemporary look?

    Create harmony by using existing furniture and inexpensive accessories to freshen up the look and feel of your home.

  • Congratulations! You just purchased or built your beach home getaway. You have great taste and you have ordered loads of gorgeous furniture, rugs and accessories but now that everything has arrived you have no idea how to arrange it!

    Most of my clients have good taste and know what they like when they see it. Sometimes all it takes to create your dream space is a neutral third party or a sounding board to validate your choices. We can work together to put the finishing touches on your unique vision of home.

  • Do you have a property for sale that is lingering on the market? Looking for a competitive edge in our saturated rental market?

    Expert, up to date advice on the best decorating schemes to significantly increase your ROI.

This is just a glimpse into my interior design consulting services. I have helped my valued clients choose and coordinate decorative accessories, furniture, wallpaper, window treatments, rugs and carpet, tile, flooring, and artwork. In addition to my own expertise I can offer you referrals to trusted local professionals in the area of home design. My network of painters, realtors, flooring, tile and window treatment experts will offer you a full service and seamless decorating experience.

What’s Your Investment?

I like to keep things simple and efficient - I work with all of my clients on a flat rate, hourly basis (with a 2 hour minimum to start the design process).

By educating you on the “why” of our choices, never having unexpected charges, and allowing you the ultimate say in color and design decisions you have an important role in creating YOUR unique vision of home.

Get in touch today to schedule a no obligation conversation about your home design project!

As the area’s only decorator specializing in hourly design consultations Erin has the time
and expertise to focus on your design project - no matter how big or small!

...We had certain pieces that had been in the family we had to work around. Her eye for incorporating new fabrics and updated designs were spot on... And her patience! Cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Marianne G