Erin’s 25+ years of experience in the field of art + design
will bring a set of keen eyes and a fresh perspective to your design project.

Bring Your Vision to Life With Your Very Own “Decorator For A Day”.
Short on time? Staging to sell?
Revitalizing an existing room or starting from the ground up?
Specializing in hourly design consultations your “Decorator For A Day” will bring a fresh
perspective in helping you choose the perfect...
Furnishings + Wallcovering. Textiles + Accessories. Tile + Wood.

Room Arrangement, home styling, and staging also available to incorporate
new pieces and make the most of what you already own!

As the area’s only decorator specializing in hourly design consultations Erin has the time
and expertise to focus on your design project - no matter how big or small!

Also Offering Original Artwork